Zambezi Helicopter Company

Zambezi Helicopter Company

The Zambezi Helicopter Company has been operating in Victoria Falls since 1996 and the main object of the business is to provide scenic flights to the tourism industry.

Our helipad site is situated five minutes from the Victoria Falls town centre and a mere 5 km's from The Falls themselves. The “smoke” from the Victoria Falls billows upwards in the background providing an awesome, natural backdrop to the helipad.

Online Discount

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Flight Of Angels: $150

Experience the 'Flight of Angels' perspective first hand. Originally coined by David Livingstone when he first wrote about the area surrounding the Falls- "a sight so wonderful that Angels must have gazed down on it in flight".

Zambezi Spectacular: $284

Treat yourself to an unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime flight where you will truly appreciate the mighty Victoria Falls and surrounding area.

Private Charters

Private helicopter charter flights are available on request.

Medical Evacuation

The Zambezi Helicopter Company works with M.A.R.S. (Medical Air Rescue Service) to provide medical evacuations and cassevacs when called upon in emergency situations in the outlying areas of Victoria Falls. This includes landing in the Batoka Gorge and Zambezi National Park to attend to accidents and to ferry injured persons to medical facilities in Victoria Falls or Hwange (100km) if needed.This requires us to be constantly training with the M.A.R.S. staff in the injured person loading and unloading procedures and helicopter safety in approach and exit from a working helicopter. Should your flight be disrupted due to a medical emergency, your flight will be re-scheduled. If this is not possible you will get a full refund on any payments made.

The Helicopters

Zambezi Helicopter Company fly Bell helicopters exclusively for our Victoria Falls scenic helicopter flights and charter flights. Bell are recognised as the world leaders in the helicopter industry and their aircraft are noted for their reliability. These helicopters are maintained to the highest industry standards.


bell 206B3 jetranger as used in Victoria Falls
370 SHP Gas Turboshaft Motor | 4 pax + pilot | Max. range 400km fully loaded

The time-tested 206B-3 JetRanger has proved itself time and again around the world in all applications and works very well for us flying over Victoria Falls. It is rugged and reliable and it comes with the best safety record of any helicopter in the industry. This is the most popular turbine helicopter ever built.


bell 206B3 jetranger as used in Victoria Falls
630 SHP Gas Turboshaft Motor | 6 pax + pilot | Max. range 600km fully loaded

Evolved from the legendary 206B-3 JetRanger above, the LongRanger is a remarkable combination of power, room and range. Innovative doors and a spacious cabin make the LongRanger ideal for long aerial photographic and film shoots of Victoria Falls and of course, ideal for passenger flights.